The infrastructure of the school was designed to cater to the needs of growing children to create a comfortable environment for their education. Be it taking classes or pursuing their hobbies, the school provides a dedicated space for every activity. The school has a spacious auditorium that facilitates the hosting of events, and audio-visual equipment and computers aid with classroom learning. The school has a basketball court, a table tennis room, and other facilities for sports. Our spacious library is a haven for bookworms.


Students spend the majority of their time inside the classrooms, where most of the teaching and learning takes place. Our classrooms are spacious, well-ventilated, and well-lit to ensure students are comfortable so that their focus is only on their studies. It is a safe space where learning takes place without distractions. The classrooms are equipped with comfortable furniture and green boards to aid learning.

IT Infrastructure

Our school incorporates the latest technologies for teaching and learning. We have a well-equipped computer lab with state-of-the-art infrastructure. It has 44 computers with intel-core i3 processors that are connected through a client-server-based network. Each student can use their student login credentials and make use of the resources. These systems are connected to servers located in a separate server room. This enables our students to access information on the internet for their projects, use digital tools to create presentations and learn about new technologies.


Our school has a combined physics, chemistry, and biology lab that adheres to the curriculum framework. It provides a space for children to learn through practical experiences and activities. Hands-on science projects are interwoven with theoretical learning and practiced in our science labs. All precautions are taken to ensure that our labs are safe for children to observe and practice experiments prescribed by the board.

Audio-Visual Room

This room is equipped with a projector and other audio-visual aids to supplement classroom learning. It serves as a space to conduct seminars. Students and teachers also use this space to make presentations. It is ideal for group discussions, parent orientations, and workshops too.


Our library is stocked with a large collection of books and other resources of information. It is a space conducive to inculcating the habit of reading among students. It has ample lighting and space for both teachers and students to have quiet reading time, or to carry out reference work. Students visit the library during the library period and are also able to borrow books to take home. A seamless system is implemented to facilitate the borrowing of books.

Sports Field

Sports are an integral part of our curriculum. We have multi-sport facilities for students to practice their sporting skills, and to hold physical training and games classes. Basketball, volleyball, throw ball, football, badminton, hockey, and cricket are all part of the sports curriculum. There are designated spaces where children can play these sports.

Sports Room

Sports activities often involve a lot of equipment, and this needs to be taken care of and arranged neatly. Our school has a well-equipped sports room which is neatly organised and where one can find all the sports equipment like balls, nets, bats, protective gear, hockey sticks, badminton rackets, and skipping ropes, among other things.

Resource Room

Sri Kumaran Children's Home is proud to have been one of the first schools in Bangalore to establish a resource room in the 1980s. The resource room or centre is a school-based facility staffed by three special educators. A special education curriculum is provided to pupils who struggle with certain skills such as reading, spelling, math, and writing. Students are nurtured until they reach high school. The sessions are held twice or three times a week in a personalised or small group environment. These classes are attended by students during light periods.

Counsellor’s Room

The counsellor's room serves as a private and safe space within the school for children to communicate freely about anything without the fear of being judged. Students receive individual and group counselling from the school counsellor for academic, career, social, emotional, and behavioural issues. Students may opt to meet with the counsellor, or the counsellor may meet with the student based on referrals from a teacher, administration, or parent. Collaboration with teachers and authorities, classroom monitoring, parent counselling, and delivering classroom lectures on various issues relevant to social-emotional development are all examples of school counsellor interventions.

NCC Room

The National Cadet Corps teaches cadets discipline and instils patriotism in the youth. Responding to the call of duty, the cadets provide services at numerous school events. There is an NCC room where the necessary materials, uniforms, and documents are stored.

Activity Room

Our school has a soundproof activity room which has been designed for various activities that aid classroom learning, such as storytelling, role-playing, singing, dancing, and debating. The room has ample space for students and teachers to move around, and also hosts equipment to facilitate these activities.

Art Room

Art is an essential component of our curriculum. We have a spacious and well-equipped art room that provides students with an outlet for self-expression under the guidance of our skilled art instructors.


Our school has a large multipurpose hall where we conduct a variety of events, festivals, assemblies, speeches, audio-visual sessions, and workshops. Students meet here to mark special occasions such as Children's Day, Teacher's Day, Graduation, and others.

Xerox Room

To help students get easy photocopies, without having to step outside of campus, we have set aside a small room that has a Xerox machine. Students can take photocopies of teaching materials, extra-curricular activities, worksheets, and other school-related documents.

Table Tennis Room

We have a separate table tennis room in the basement that is used for indoor games.
Students are trained in carrom, chess, and table tennis to enhance their skills in this particular space.

Yoga Room

We have a special yoga room where students have their weekly yoga classes. It is a spacious and serene space where the students can take time to attend to their minds and bodies. It has enough space for students to freely practice yoga and for the yoga teacher to attend to each student.

Lunch Services

The school doesn’t have canteen services on its premises. Students must carry their lunch and snacks.