The highest education is that which does not merely give information but brings our life in harmony with all existence. ~ Rabindranath Tagore

At Sri Kumaran Group of Institutions, we believe that true education comes from integrating what one observes in the outside world with what one learns from the books that are part of our curriculum, incorporating everything that is learned into one's life. Students can only become sensible, responsible, caring, and loving individuals who are capable of shouldering the burden of future India if they implement what they learn in the classroom in their everyday lives. This is the kind of education that defines the essence of the experience at Sri Kumaran Children's Home. The school administration works tirelessly to sustain these ideas and weave them into the fabric of the education provided to the children who enter as young saplings and graduate as brilliant young minds, ready to face the difficulties of the real world outside the institution's protective walls.

Sri Kumaran Children's Home is part of Sri Kumaran Group of Institutions, which has a 64 year history of offering quality education to students in Bangalore. Careful planning, cutting-edge infrastructure, high-quality teaching methods, disciplined and effective nurturing, and an unwavering commitment have all contributed to the group's success. The Kumarans, as a group of institutions, now have a rightful place among those that provide world-class education. It exists as a testament to its founder Smt. R Anasuya Devi’s dream mission. The journey of prosperity continues, taking our students to greater heights and glory.

While it has established a great legacy, Sri Kumaran Group of Institutions continues to thrive in academics, athletics, and culture, among other areas. We believe that teachers must be kept up-to-date with current educational trends through ongoing professional development. We respond to these changing trends by updating our learning practices and teaching approaches regularly. We remain relevant in today's world while upholding our Indian values. To effectively adapt to change, we are continually improving our expertise. We sincerely intend to strive for greater excellence in the future, guided by our motto, "Lead Kindly Light."