When we are in a strange country, we need a guide & we should abide by the directions of the guide who knows the prefect way.”

Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

Similarly we need the guidance of a senior teacher who can guide the new teachers to achieve our goal.

It is only because of the systematic functioning of our teaching faculty that our students find learning very child-friendly. Reaching higher levels of education becomes a childs game with this kind of support and backup.


Head of the institution
Director Academics Mrs. Deepa Sridhar
Mrs. Prameela C
Academic Co-ordinator
Classes I to III (TSF) Mrs. Sujata Udupa
Accounts Department
1 Mr. Srinath B G
2 Mr. Omprakash Pandey
3 Mr. Guruprasad H S
4 Ms. Srilatha Subramanian
Front Office Staff
1 Ms.Divya Santhosh
2 Ms. Sheetal Ganesh

Lower Primary – Classes I to III

Name of the Teacher Subject
1 Ms.Sowmya Kannada
2 Mr. Praveen K Kannada
3 Ms. Sujatha.N English
4 Ms. Veena D K English
5 Ms. Shewtha R English
6 Ms.Veena Vishal N Math
7 Ms. Hema Pramod Math
8 Ms. Sathyashree EVS
9 Ms. Seema Kini EVS

Classes IV to X

English Department
1 Mr. Rajashree Pai
2 Ms. Gowri K Bhat
3 Ms. Anitha Kasiraman
4 Ms. Arpitha Naveen
5 Ms. Sri Devi Raj N
6 Ms. Madhuri Kuduva
Kannada Department
1 Mr. Praveen
2 Ms. Soumya
3 Ms. Sunitha S
4 Ms. Rama Kallurkar
5 Mr. Manjunath.M. G
6 Mr. Nagaraj
Sanskrit Department
1 Mr. Hariprasad Sharma
2 Mr. Gopala Krishna
3 Mr. Sumathindra S. G
Hindi Department
1 Ms. Umadevi N
2 Ms. Uma Devi M
Mathematics Department
1 Ms. Anitha Kasiram
2 Ms. Triveni L
3 Ms. Saraswathi S
4 Ms. Manasa
5 Ms. Rekha B.L
6 Ms. Veena N M
Science Department
1 Ms. Vani H P
2 Ms. Shanthala A Ramu
3 Ms. Suparna Tejkiran
4 Ms. Soumyashree
5 Ms. Manjula R
6 Ms.  Madhuri Kuduva
7 Ms. Veena N M
8 Ms. Sushma Sadashivaiah
Social Science Department
1  Ms. Nalini S
2 Ms. Syeda Tehera Begum
3 Ms. Thulasi P
4 Ms. Bharathi R Jodge
5 Mr. Lokeshappa
I.T. Department
1 Ms. Rashmi N
2 Ms. Shailaja D
3 Ms. Sheetal Ganesh
Art & Craft
1 Mr. Narasimha Murthy
2 Mr. Gangadhar C.N.
3 Ms. Arathi A
Physical Education
1 Mr. UmaShankar
2 Mr. Satisha Jogi
3 Ms. Shobha Rani
1 Mr. Bhaskar Acharya
1 Ms. Surabhi
1 Ms. Kala Nagaraj
Student Counsellor
1 Ms. Rekha
Special Educators
1 Ms. Manjula
2 Ms. Uma K
3 Ms. Archana
Office Assistance – Support
1 Mr. Devraj
2 Mr. Anand
Lab Assistants
1 Ms. Arathi A
1 Mr. Vignesh