Curriculum for classes I – III

“ He who adds not to his learning diminishes it. ” – The Talmud

The lower primary classes of all the streams CBSE, ICSE and State Board have been following Chrysalis Books by EZ Vidya Pvt Ltd, since 2013 -14. We follow their English, Science and Math books. Their Studio is the text, Companion takes the place of Home fun or Home Workbook.

Chrysalis approach is scientific, design based, research focused and innovation oriented. It follows a graded, structured and scientific way to enhance learning and promote unique techniques of assessment.

Chrysalis names the classroom as Think room, as the content of the books of all the subjects inspires the children to emerge as Meta Thinkers. Projects promote experimental learning and empower and encourage them to apply their learning in other appropriate situations.

True to the maxim, the school believes in taking the little ones in hand, and guiding them to the seemingly impossible maze of learning, making concepts appealing in their simplicity so that true learning takes place almost imperceptibly.

The subjects taught at this level are:

  • English, Number Work, Environmental Science
  • II Language (Kannada)

Language pattern in Primary School

All schools following the State Board for Secondary Education (SSLC) curriculum need to follow a three-language formula. The medium of instruction is English. Kannada is introduced as a second language in class I.

Languages offered:

  • I Language – English
  • II Language – Kannada


The educational policy of the school recognizes the fact that till the young ones are able to process in their mind the need for competitiveness, the very idea of a test or an exam does not necessarily encourage healthy learning. Till such time, children are assessed on a continuous basis, through worksheets and their aptitude in class room situations. Such worksheets are a regular feature in the curriculum at the lower classes. They build the self-esteem of the young children and boost their morale, while giving the teachers a clear idea of the tangent taken by each child’s learning curve.

Primary School Enrichment Activities