To stand at par with the increasing competition of today’s world, the school has engaged itself with Mindspark a technology-driven programme, promoted by Educational Initiatives, who are also the people to host ASSET, a diagnostic test given to schools across the country. Students of VI and VII have two periods a week, practicing the mathematical concepts learnt in the class. The striking thing about this programme is that individual student can find out his or her own strength and weakness and also track their path of improvement. If a child finds the level high or low, he or she can go to lower or the higher level. Moreover learning takes place at one’s own pace and no child feels threatened or intimidated by peer pressure, which is the main idea behind the introduction of this club. It also gives the teachers a clear perception of the level of understanding each child has with regard to the topics learnt in the classroom. The teacher also comes to a clear conclusion about the areas of difficulty, common errors made by the students, specific difficulties each child comes across and can devise ways and methods to solve the problems.


Math Lab

The math lab provides an opportunity for the students to discover mathematics through doing. Many of the activities present a problem or a challenge, with the possibility of generating further challenges and problems. The activities help students to visualize, manipulate and reason.
With a vision to make Mathematics the most loved subject in school, Math Lab is introduced. It is a unique confluence of hands-on tools and interactive activities to help children explore, experience and enjoy mathematics.


Life Education

True and valuable education results in a well-balanced individual, with the right values inculcated at a tender age. The school takes into account of the physical and mental well being of the children, because one is incomplete without the other. In today’s fast-paced world, where most children have both working parents, the school has to play the extra role of a mentor too. To fulfill this growing need, the school has tied up with Arpitha Associates to develop life skills through EQube, an interactive programme to sow self-belief and self-esteem in children. The company is in-charge of the curriculum and its transaction. The teachers also get trained to impart the values necessary in the real world.


Global Awareness Programme

“ Knowledge is love and light and vision. ” – Helen Keller

Realizing the importance of knowledge, the school has partnered with Grey Matters Pvt. Ltd for its initiative -The Global Awareness Program (GAP). GAP is India’s first focused general knowledge initiative aimed at both teachers and students. The program aims to create, enhance and sustain awareness levels with respect to global happenings and current events on a month-to-month basis and runs through 10 months in the academic calendar.

GAP is initiated in our school for Classes IV to IX and one period is allotted every week for various activities and discussion. Every student receives the students’ copy (Gaptopedia) at the beginning of the month.

To create awareness and interest in quizzing, the school uses the GAP content to have inter-class quizzes twice a year.


Hobby Classes

Today’s children are wired to technology to such an extent that life feels incomplete and vapid without gizmos and gadgets being changed on a daily basis. To break that dehumanizing aspect of the world of gadgets, the school has made arrangements for hobby classes. They are conducted by trained external professionals in various fields. Students get trained in chess, Aerobics, Music, calligraphy, Karate and Pottery, each of which addresses mental or motor skills of the children.



Special Assembly

An assembly in a school is a gathering of several classes for a group activity that is usually educational. School assembly programs are important aspects of a curriculum. It has the potential to nurture and maintain a positive school culture that stresses interpersonal intelligence.
Our school provides an opportunity for students to conduct special assembly, based on particular themes.

Children try to exhibit their skills in singing, dancing, dramatising, speaking etc.


Children of Classes IV and V are taken to Basavangudi Aquatic Centre once a week and given training in swimming by expert trainers.

Computer Curriculum

Computer Science has made rapid advances and is evolving constantly.

EZ Vidya, an organization committed to enhancing the computer literacy levels across the country, specifically designs our computer curriculum for classes 4 to 7. The internet is a repository of information for easy reference and this is used extensively by teachers and students to keep abreast of latest developments. Students work regularly on technology to present academic projects.
Fresh ideas are incorporated into the EZ Vidya curriculum framework to enthuse students and thus lay a firm foundation for learning advanced concepts.

  • The curriculum integrates various popular software packages like MS PowerPoint, LOGO, Micro worlds, Ulead Gif Animator, Q BASIC with appropriate themes. This ensures familiarity with both programming theories as well as graphic designing effects.

The computer curriculum is systematic and is instrumental in honing thinking and organizational skills in students. There is a gradual assimilation and application of concepts learnt in lower classes as students move to higher classes.

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