Curriculum for classes IV – VII

“ Chance favours the prepared mind. ” – Louis Pasteur

At this stage, children have forged friendships that will last a life time; they have become acclimatized to the school environment and the ambiance of the school has become an integral part of their lives. The land has been prepared for a bountiful harvest and the time has come for sowing the seeds for greatness. The curriculum that follows is in tune with the child’s aspirations.

To that effect, I, II and II languages, General Science, Social Science, Mathematics, Art and Computer Education are offered by the school.

Language pattern
English continues to be the First language. Children are given a choice for  third language in Class IV.
Language options:

  • I Language – English
  • II Language – Kannada
  • III Language – Hindi/Sanskrit

Primary School Assessment

Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) refers to a system of school-based evaluation of students that covers all aspects of students’ development. It is a developmental process of assessment which emphasizes on two fold objectives. These objectives are continuity in evaluation and assessment of broad based learning and behavioural outcomes on the other.

Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation is a process of assessment introduced by our state government for students of fourth to tenth grades. In this evaluation process, student’s marks are replaced by grades which will be evaluated through a series of curricular and extra-curricular evaluations along with academics.

For classes: IV & VII
The CCE evaluation consists of two types of tests/exams. Formative and Summative assessments -four FAs and two SAs in an academic year. The first summative or Summative Assessment 1 (SA-1) is conducted after the first and second formatives are completed. The second (SA-2) is conducted after the third and fourth formatives.

The Formative Assessment consists of a Paper-Pen test, an activity and a project evaluating to 10% of the total score, four FAs contributing 40% of the final score, SA-1 and SA-2 contributing to 60%, and the sum of FAs and SAs totaling to 100%. Grades are evaluated accordingly.

The grading system for academic subjects :

Grades Description Min Marks Max Marks Rank Grade Point
A+ 90-100% 90 100 1 10
A 70-89% 70 89.99 2 9
B+ 50-69% 50 69.99 3 8
B 30-49% 30 49.99 4 7
C Below 30% 1 29.99 5 6
AB Absent 0 0 0 0

The grading system for non-academic subjects like Yoga, Art, Physical Education and Computer Science for all the classes:

Grades Description Min Marks Max Marks Rank
A Excellent 75 100 1
B Very Good 50 74 2
C Good 1 49 3
AB Absent 0 0 4

Middle School Enrichment Activities