The school has an auditorium, audio visual equipment, and computers for both primary and high school, satisfying and fulfilling children’s curiosity. For the physically active children, the school sports a basketball court, table tennis room and other facilities. Thus the school provides ample opportunities for brain and brawn, catering to children with multifarious talents. In addition to all these, the school also has a well- stacked, well-lit and spacious library with books on every subject to encourage the children to indulge their fantasies and whet their appetites for quality reading.


classroom is primarily dedicated to teaching and learning activities and majority of the time is spent in a child’s day in school. The classroom attempts to provide a safe space where learning can take place uninterrupted by other distractions.
The building has three floors and we have classrooms with adequate lighting and acoustics. The classrooms are ventilated with adequate windows, fans and light.


IT Infrastructure

Our school has well equipped computer labs with state of the art infrastructure. We have multi-seaters which is essentially a shared computing experience. The Multiseat offers PC sharing solution by sharing the capacity of one computer to yield fully independent PC upto 6 users and each with their own session, keyboard and mouse. These are connected to servers located in separate server room. These multiseaters are attached to flat screen monitors, moving away from the traditional desktop scenario.



Children learn better by doing.
Hands on science projects are interwoven with theoretical learning and practiced in our science labs by primary and middle school students.
The school is well equipped with combined Physics, Chemistry and Biology lab which adhere to the Curriculum Framework.


Audio Visual room

We have an audio-visual room that is also used as a seminar room. These are used by the students and facilitators to make presentations. It is also ideal for group discussions and parent orientations and workshops too.


In the company of other great minds, our minds also start working overtime and the spring of inspiration gets rejuvenated. The school library is well stocked with books under every imaginable category, and children have regular library periods. In addition, they can borrow books at regular intervals. Thus, they get motivated to imbibe in the spirit of enquiry.