Education is the lighting of the mind; it is not just empty learning. True education comes from the integration of what one sees in the outside world with what is learnt from the books of the curriculum, assimilating everything that is learnt into one’s life. This education alone can make it truly productive in the long run. This education alone can produce sensible, responsible, caring and loving individuals who can shoulder the burden of future India willingly and happily , and not out of coercion and compulsion. This is the kind of education that forms the ethos of the experience provided by Kumaran Children’s Home. And the school management is proud and feels privileged to uphold those values and weave them into the fabric of the education given to the children who come in as young saplings and leave the school as bright young minds, ready to take on the challenges of the real world outside the protective walls of the institution.

Understandably, the achievements of the school have not been overnight miracles. Careful planning, state-of-the-art infrastructure, quality teaching, disciplined and effective nurturing, along with unremitting commitment have made Kumarans what it is today. This meticulous task, therefore, has taken a long time.

Today, Kumarans, as a group of institutions, rightfully takes its place among those that impart quality education. It stands as an edifice of the dream mission of its founder. The voyage of success continues, stretching to greater heights and glory.

Past the 50 year mark, Kumarans marches with the confidence born out of long years of experience across the confines of academics, sports and culture among other things, and extends to higher realms-service to humanity, spread of radiance of knowledge and wisdom, love and peace, as has been so aptly portrayed in its motto, “Lead Kindly Light”.

In order to progress to this goal, extensive research is done well in advance in teaching methodologies and pedagogies. As and when the need arises, these methods are revamped, reshuffled; technology is upgraded.